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Water Damage


It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause extensive water damage to your property. Water is fast moving, and it can cause major Denver water damage to everything in its path. The power of water in most cases cannot be under estimated, it can cause unseen water damage Aurora or structural damage to a buildings structure within just a few hours of the water intrusion, leaving behind expensive repairs and cleanup.

Here are some of the most common signs to help identify some hidden Water Damage:


Floor Warping:

Wood flooring can easily absorb water. You’ll need to take fast action as early as possible to help prevent any type of  mold damage or mildew growth. Many property owners find themselves having to go through the long process of dealing with tiny microorganisms that are slowly damaging the floors. If you see the floor buckling, there may be water that has absorbed into it.

Carpet Dampness:

Water damage Aurora can be found in carpet covering on the floor, it may not show up quite as fast. The carpet will start to show signs of constant dampness and then start to turn colors as the Aurora mold damage starts to  show mold spores maturing.


Boulder Water damage stains may also start showing up in different areas of the house. These are among the most obvious indications that a Boulder water damage repair needs to be done right away. Stains can normally be seen at the bottom of doors, around the moldings and trim, on ceilings, and nearby windows.

If you encounter any of these, make sure that you act fast. Immediate attention is required in order to prevent further Denver water damage to your property – as well as mold growth and contamination. The longer water damage Denver is left in the area, the more harm it will do. Aurora Water damage can be the result of various causes such as, flooding in and around the property after a storm or as common as a leaking bathroom sink.

Sewage Spills or Sewage Backups:

Other common problems that come with Aurora water damage are sewage spills or backups. Property owners experiencing water damage Aurora or a sewer backup know what an incredible nuisance it is to deal with. Everything from toilets flowing over on the floors to main drains backing up. Sewage is extremely dangerous and should not be allowed to stand, it carries with it plenty of germs and bacteria. The city of Aurora has a Aurora sewer backup prevention rebate program available, click here for the application to see if you may qualify. Whether the Aurora sewer backup occurred in a finished basement or an entire building, the cleanup needs to be done by a professional. Per OSHA standards, Emergency Abatement Consulting technicians are protected against the threat of infectious diseases through vaccinations and the use of personal protective equipment.

At Emergency Abatement Consulting, we use the best materials and products available to handle all aspects of the repairs and cleaning. Not only do our experts focused on the Denver water damage repair, but also many other services that help you get your property back into condition and ready for occupancy. If water damage is your problem, you can check that off of your list.

Why Emergency Abatement Consulting:

We specialize in water mitigation services, sewage extraction, heavy cleanup, drying and humidity removal. Emergency Abatement Consulting is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for fast Aurora water damagecleanup and complete restorative services. Our experts will only use state-of-the-art equipment, and have the right skills and training to remove the water safely and dry out the affected areas. We are always ready to respond to any size Boulder water damage loss or emergency restoration event. Your home or business is the most important investment in your life and you can always depend on our highly trained team of professionals for Boulder water damage restoration on your property. We will restore it to the clean and healthy place it used to be.

Don’t wait until the Aurora water damage spreads. Contact us right away! 303-337-7233. The moment you see signs of water damage is the time to call. We will work directly with your insurance company for your peace of mind.

Emergency Abatement Consulting provides Denver water damage service and restoration to residential & businesses throughout the Aurora, Denver and Boulder, CO area. We are trusted by all insurance companies and comply with all EPA and IICRC standards. Our technicians are certified and fully trained and are always available when you need us most.


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