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Helpful Water Damage Advice


Water damage can come from many sources. The water damage can come from a simple source, such as a sink or pipe inside your home. Or it can be bigger and more damaging from flooding and heavy storms. The simple source that creates water damage is typically a slow, continuous leak usually found in bathrooms or kitchens that makes wetness or dampness.

Water Damage can result anywhere and have incendiary effects on people and the environment.  There are many causes of  water damage, it can be augmented and may happen very expeditiously over a short span of time, due to to much rain that causes rivers or lakes to over flow.  Unfortunately, floods usually occur without any advance notice; so you are not able to prepare for this and prevent the water damage.

Water damage can be very threatening and can be very devastating to your home and property.  We are here to help you in case of a flood or other issues such as broken pipes and more that can cause water damage.  We do suggest that you also ensure you have the proper insurance coverage to deal with a potential water damage issue.

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It is constant moisture caused by water damage that encourages the growth of mold and mildew, some of which can be very toxic. Along with the growth of mold, active mold spores can be found in the air. These spores can cause reactions such as immune disorders or a host of issues like; allergic responses, headaches, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, chronic asthma, open sores, rashes, chronic fatigue, pathogenic disease, and even cancer. Mold can be found everywhere. They are microscopic organisms that produce enzymes that digest organic matter to reproduce spores. They belong to the fungi family, which also includes mildew and yeast. Moisture from water damage Denver is needed to promote their growth. Removing moisture and drying the air quickly will help to reduce their chances of growth. If you control the moisture, you control the growth.

Emergency Abatement Consulting can help you clean up the water damage and perform mold remediation.


Know where your main circuit breaker is located. DO NOT GO INTO THE WATER! Any utility meters that are below the  water damage level on your property can cause electrical sparks that can start a fire. You also want to avoid electrical shock. Always check with your local building officials or city engineers, if you are not sure what your water damage level is.


  1. Check if there is hidden water seepage in your home. It is easy to check for and quite possible that you have it in your house. Look for dark looking stains, efflorescence (looks like ice crystals), discoloration, mold and/or flaking or peeling which are all signals of moisture.
  2. Turn off all appliances that use water and then investigate your water meter. Leave your appliances off for about an hour. Then examine the water meter to see if the reading has increased. If the water meter reading changed, then it is possible that there’s leakage and water damage.
  3. Check underneath your dishwasher. The area should be dry. Verify that water line is dry. If there’s water near the base of the dishwasher, you may have leaking and water damage could exist.
  4. Examine your refrigerator. Your ice-maker is another item that can generate water damage.
  5. Look under the sinks at the supply lines and turn-off valve. Inspect the cabinet and surrounding area.
  6. Examine your bathroom. It is a very common area for water damage and soft spots in and discoloration on the floors around the tub or shower may be indicators that you have water leaks.
  7. Check around your toilet. Look for sweating tanks and leaking supply line and shut off valves. The overflow of toilets is also an obvious source of water damage.

It is very important to understand how  water damage can affect your property and know what steps you can take to protect your investment. This knowledge will change how to respond to the disaster. Water damage can cause increases in insurance rates, decreases in the value of the property, missed resale opportunities, and even health issues if not properly repaired.

These valuable tips can help you protect yourself and your family in the event there is water damage:

• It is advisable to work with a reputable  water damage repair company. • After discovering water damage, it is important to contact Emergency Abatement Consulting right away. Time is not on your side when water is everywhere. • After all the water damage has been extracted, the efforts focus on returning the humidity levels to normal. It is imperative to take out all furniture and other conversation pieces from the area. Even though they aren’t in direct contact with the water damage, they should still be removed. High humidity and a general unsanitary condition may contaminate other materials in your home. We can provide relocation and storage assistance for your belongings. • Make sure that you work with a company that has the ability to work with your insurance company. This will help as you begin the process of restoring your property. • If  water damage is due to a sewage overflow, it is necessary to remove the contaminated items and/or materials right away. We can provide you information whether or not your cherished belongings are safe to keep and/or capable of being cleaned. Don’t wait until the water damage spreads. Contact us right away! 303-337-7233. The moment you see signs of water damage is the time to call.