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Mold Damage


Finding mold damage on your property could be a huge problem, if not acted upon quickly. Mold is found in most wet and damp areas after a water damage event. It’s one of the most common forms of fungi found in properties. mold damage is found in a living thriving organism that if not remediated fast, will continue to spread and/or attach themselves to many areas around the property, including people and animals. They use the moist, damp and clammy environment around them to populate and grow. Mold damage will cultivate anywhere there is a sufficient moisture source, adequate light and suitable temperature. You will need to act quickly after the water damage has occurred on your property to get the mold under control.

Mold spores can become airborne, allowing them to spread easily to several other locations around the property. They are known to have attached themselves to people and animals living in or working around their typical environment. At this point, they can become a huge health problem once we fail to give them proper responsiveness. Mold found in Aurora mold damage is a slimy, black and green substance and can be responsible for some respiratory problems, especially in babies and the elderly. Mold is also known to cause an increased manifestation of asthma and bronchitis in people who’ve been exposed. Keeping moisture under control is one of the sure ways to avoid mold growth. Although you cannot thoroughly keep mold out of your house, you can undoubtedly diminish their manifestation. Prevention, on the other hand, is so much easier than searching for a treatment. Click here for more information from the CDC website.

Mold Damage is found in dampness in bathrooms.


Understanding that  mold loves moisture, our bathrooms are a great source and breeding ground for them to mature. The tub and shower is the first place you can notice  mold damage and it’s early growth, usually noticed where the tub and wall tiles meet. During daily showers and baths, the walls become saturated with water and usually remain wet. The water will always look for the path of least resistance, as it runs down to the drain. Most shower surroundings are lined with ceramic tiles, of many different shapes and sizes. Grout is applied to the spaces between them to seal and protect the walls and floors that they are covering. Properly sealing grout lines on walls and floors regularly will help to extend the life of the grout and the tile. If the grout is allowed to crack or separate from the tile, water will be able to run behind the tiles and cause water damage. Properly sealing around the faucets, tub walls, tub to floor and drains with mold resistant caulk, putty and gaskets, will help to prevent water and moisture from penetrating the surfaces. Keeping the walls and floors clean and replace shower curtains regularly, will help to keep mold damage Aurora at bay. You may not be able to completely avoid mold damage but, with a little determination you can prevent it from gaining access to your space.


How do you have Aurora mold damage growing in your home?


It doesn’t always mean that finding moisture or dampness that there is mold damage present. On the other hand, this situation can be the first indication of a potential Aurora mold damage problem. Another indication that mold may be growing, is noticing the ceiling or a wall stained with a yellowish color. These types of stains can be an indication that there may be moisture present which can enable Aurora mold growth. If you notice patches with color variations on the walls of black, brown or green, it’s a good indication that black mold (Stachybotrys) has begun to grow. You may also notice a stale mildewed stench in the air that usually goes together with the existence of Aurora mold damage. A proper mold detection test should be performed and confirmed by professionals. If mold damage Aurora has been confirmed, it is important to start the cleanup and removal process right away. Remember time is not on your side when  Aurora mold damage is found. The longer the problem is left untouched, the worse the problem will become.

You may be able to clean up Aurora mold damage on very small areas where mold is found but, if the area is larger, it would be best handled by a professional. Proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques performed by Emergency Abatement Consulting’s team of pros will insure the mold will be removed and dehumidified. Isolating the mold damage Aurora and taking proper steps to contain it during the cleanup and removal process is important to the safety of people and to the environment.

We specialize in Aurora mold remediation, water damage, flood damage, and reconstruction as well as, sewage extraction and heavy cleanup. Emergency Abatement Consulting is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for fast complete restorative services. Our experts will only use state-of-the-art equipment, and have the right skills and training to remove the water safely and dry out the affected areas.


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