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Flood Damage


A flood is an overflow of water that can submerge both your property and your personal belongings. Flood Damage is caused by natural disasters and normally happens a couple times a year. Floods evolve from an unexpected heavy thunderstorm and damaging rains, excessive melting snow run off, swollen rivers, lakes, or streams. It can weaken a building’s foundations and become a catalyst for rusting metal pipes and other materials within the structure. While the property is being over taken by water, the only action usually available is to watch all the floodwater invaded your property. The water that comes from these types of flood disasters can be very harmful to people and animals. People, especially children, should not be tempted to play or swim in the water. It can be highly contaminated – carrying all types of harmful bacteria from backed up sewers, oil from the streets and roadways, as well as trash waiting to be picked up by the sanitation department. You can see it floating on the surface of the water. As soon as the flooding has ended and the water has receded, you are left with excessive contamination in all the low-lying areas causing very strong bad odors. All of this contamination can ruin your property and personal belongings.

Flood Damage vs. Clean Water Damage


Flood Damage cleanup is very different from a fresh water cleanup. Fresh water damage is from a clean source of water such as a leaking pipe, hot water tank or dishwasher supply line. During a fresh water clean up, most of your personal items can be cleaned and restored. The services required for flood damage is a much more detailed clean up process than the process used for a fresh water damage clean up. Having a professional restoration and reconstruction company like Emergency Abatement Consulting handle all the cleanup services for you is your best choice. There are many steps that require quick action when cleaning and removing all the debris and sewage from the area. The entire area will need a thorough sanitizing process for your safety, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read more here.

Flood Insurance


Proper insurance is required for properties that are in flood prone areas. The insurance companies look at flooding as it is listed in the dictionary, which defines a flood as; a rising and overflowing body of water onto normally dry land. For insurance purposes, the word “rising” in this definition is the key to distinguishing Denver flood damage from water damage. Flood damage to your property can be insured only with a flood insurance policy, no other insurance policy will cover flood damage. Flood insurance is available through your insurance agent, insurance company or local Federal Emergency Management Office (FEMA). You should check with your county planning department to verify that your property is out of a flood plain. If you are living in a flood plain, flood insurance may be an excellent purchase.

Why Choose Us?


Our company follows all EPA and state laws that apply to flood damage cleanup. Our certified technicians and contractors have the knowledge and experience to get all of the damage cleaned up quickly. Emergency Abatement Consulting can handle all aspects of the repairs and clean up needed. Getting you back into your fully restored and cleaned property is our primary goal.

Our specialists are available 24-hours a day. A disaster requires fast planning for the repairs needed, and they need to be done quickly. Postponing the job until the next business day will only cause the damage to become worse. An on duty facility manager will dispatch a certified crew and they will arrive within 60 minutes of your phone call to us. We take great care to give you the top quality professional services that you need. You can rest assured that all the repairs are done to the highest standards in the industry.

Choosing the right company with the proper experience needed to remove all Flood Damage is as easy as calling 303-337-7233.

Remember we service the entire Denver area providing Denver Flood Damage Clean up.